Personal Injury Consumer Advocates


A Firm That Salvages  Shattered Lives  Of Personal Injury Victims, Making Americans Whole Again. 

Bridging  Victims Of Personal Injury With  The Nations Top Attorneys And Law Firms

The Personal Injury Attorney Network or PIAN (an acronym)  is a support center for the victims of personal injury, we assist victims with obtaining legal counsel. In addition we may assist a victim in  locating doctors, contacting senior and social services as well as helping a victim or  loved one with their immediate physical and emotional needs. In short, We offer care and support to the  victims of personal injury.

Simply put, thru this website our Personal Injury Attorney Network, we offer legal  help and guidance for those who need it most. We  work with many victims who have been passed over by the court system and are too ill or do not have the where with all to seek legal guidance.

We break all barriers of race, income and gender making sure that each every victim no matter their status receives equal compensation for their pain, suffering and loss. We support injury’s related to pharmaceutical drugs, implant related failures, toxic exposure as well as bad faith insurance and many other personal injury areas.


Why The Personal Injury Attorney Network:

Many of the victims who come to us feel abandoned by the legal system and are too
ill or do not have the where with all to find an attorney on their own. Many  victims are
in a hospital, to sick  or in rare cases receiving hospice care and just to sick to know where to turn and how to make an informed decision of such complex legal matters Additionally some  victims don’t have access to, or know how to  operate a computer making a search next to impossible. 


Others simply are not capable of communicating or relaying the required information to the attorney for an appropriate review of the situation. Many times this  requires our staff to make a personal visit, sometimes to the victims home or hospital, traveling hundreds if not thousands of miles. In the process of meeting these individuals we are  able to conduct an exhaustive intake review, request medical records and aid in getting a doctors diagnosis, all at our own expense which is then forwarded to the referring attorney.

 The Attorney Dilemma:

We have learned that every attorney evaluates a particular case or matter differently. Many  times  one attorney  sees no conflict and no case. Another  attorney might find  a very compelling case and something that draws  his great interest. Sometimes  we might  have to bring a matter to a hundred attorneys or more until we find the right match of attorney, client and dispute.  This can be a daunting and very frustrating task even for a healthy person. We take it upon ourselves to do this laborious task

Helping Our Community By Making Americans Whole.

The Personal Injury Attorney Network offers victims  a sense of comfort as well as hope and peace when they are suffering from a  life threatening  injury or worse yet, at the end  stage of their life , we help alleviate the worry of paying for ongoing medical care and burial expense, which may be passed to remaining family members. 

Grieving family members are equally guided in seeking compensation for the loss of their loved one and the pain and suffering they endured. Many times we offer care, support and counseling for the remaining family members.  Those who have been deeply disturbed by the tragedy  and loss of their loved one.

Our Commitment To The Personal Injury Victims, No Charge To The Victims:

We are a national support center for the victims of personal injury, those who have been harmed due to no fault of their own. Victims will  never be asked for money, a retainer, or out of pocket expenses for our  services.

We offer our services for free review to aid the victims of personal injury  at our own time and expense. We will also assist them in document preparation   at no charge and show them  how to navigate the legal system and begin the journey to being made whole again. Doing as much of the work as they need us to do.


“The victim and  his or her loved ones must first concentrate on taking care of  their families immediate needs, which may include  physical, health  and emotional needs.  They shouldn’t try to navigate a complicated legal scenario,  that’s our job.”

Please Note: Our direct  office line is  1-888-603-1766.  You may call 24 hours a day, we will be notified immediately of all calls and emails  whether after hours, weekends or holidays.